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Who are we ?

Key numbers

A turnover of 30 Millions euros of which :

  • 85% Transport and 15% Logistics

A fleet of 180 vehicles all over Europe

230 tractor trailers including :

  • Tautliners and low loaders
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Box vehicles, platform trailers dedicated to agricultural machines transport

240 collaborators to serve you including 185 truck drivers

A storage area of 20 000

  • 1 Warehouse of 16 000m² including 2500m² (equipped with a dynamic rack)
  • 1 Warehouse of 4 000m² in Pouancé (44)
  • 1 frogorific warehouse in Sainte Luce (44)

A team at your service

Operating service team

In the shipment department, we are pleased to listen to international customers (in English, German or Italian).

Transport operations are carried out with controlled means. The new technologies (IT embedded GPS module) allows us to provide you with real time information and ensure a fast and reliable traceability of your goods.

Confirmed truck drivers ensure punctuality.

An efficient team listenning to our customers requirements.

Our membership within the Astre group allows a greater efficiency of our services. ASTRE, which is the first group of independent SMEs, includes 230 locations in Fance and Europe. Specialized in road haulage, the network ASTRE meets all of your transport and logistics needs.

To be listenning to our customers in order to meet their requirements.

Quality //

A high quality service

Consistent service quality European coverage

Expertise in long distance transport

Customer satisfaction Optimized logistics solution

Expertise in agricultural machinery International Transport

Flexibility //

A team at your service

Powerful tools for added flexibility


Reactivity //

Optimized Service

  • 1/ Taking account of the benefit
  • 2/ Accompaniment, listening
  • 3/ Routing
  • 4/ Receipt of goods

Sustainable development //

CO2 target

C02 target - The motor carriers agree

Objectif C02
  • 1948 Creating the individual company by Mr. Marcel Malgogne (father)
  • 1981 Mr. Alain Malgogne (son) joins the company
  • 1985 Change of legal form of the company, transformation into SARL with a capital of 250 000 Francs
  • 1988 Transformation of S.A.R.L. in S.A.
  • 1996 Entry into the ASTRE group (Europeans Carriers Association)
  • 1999 Merger-absorption of Transport Juvin
  • 2001 Capital increase to € 155 940
  • 2002 Acquisition of a site in Dettwiller (67) 12 000m² – 750m² Building
  • 2007 Acquisition of a site in Maubeuge (59) Transports Moreau
  • 2013 Acquisition of a site in Pouancé (49) – 4000m² warehouse
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Member of Astre Group since 1996
"La souplesse des PME, la puissance d'un grand groupe"